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Firing ice

Firing Ice is the perfect Hearts and arrows world-class diamonds produced by EPL Diamond.


Hearts and arrows diamonds appeared in the mid 80s of the XX century and gained worldwide recognition as diamonds with absolutely perfect cut. The Hearts and arrows production requires the best rough diamonds and the painstaking handwork of the best cutters. Only 0.001% of the world's rough diamonds are suitable for producing perfect diamonds. Only a few hundred craftsmen can make the perfect cut. And only a few companies produce Hearts and arrows diamonds.

EPL Diamond began producing Hearts and arrows diamonds in 2008 under the trademark Firing Ice. Today, “Firing Ice” is a special pride and the hallmark of the company.


A distinctive feature of the Firing Ice branded diamonds is the careful selection of raw materials and cutting in compliance with ideal proportions and symmetry of the mathematically calculated model. Firing Ice is a guarantee of quality and uniqueness. All diamonds have excellent color and clarity characteristics - at least 4/7, i.e. the stone does not have a yellow tint, defects and has high transparency.

Firing Ice branded diamonds provide maximum reflection of light with a gemstone, which distinguishes it from diamonds made according to common standards. Firing Ice diamonds have a light return of up to 98%, while with unimportant cut it can be 70% in daylight. This difference is very noticeable to the unaided eye, and really distinguishable by the consumer, in contrast to color and clarity.

The effect of a perfect cut “Hearts and arrows” (hearts and arrows) is easy to distinguish through the “Idealoscope” magnifying glass. When viewed from above, eight arrows are clearly visible in the diamond, when viewed from below - eight hearts. It is believed that the unique glow of the Firing Ice diamonds is unique, and there is no equal in the combination of brilliance and the play of light for the perfect diamonds of the Firing Ice.

Firing Ice is a registered trademark.

Certificate No. 332862. Certificate No. 337430 (English).

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